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What Causes Puffy Nipples

What Causes Puffy Nipples?

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A number of men might be subjected to puffy or inflamed nipples. There are actually several factors playing a part in causing puffy nipples among men. These include excess body, hormonal imbalances, and a few specific exercises.

  • As a matter of fact, and as stated by a doctor who performs male breast surgery in Delhi, even though puffy nipples can give rise to a lot of discomforts, in extremely rare scenarios do they point to a medical emergency?
  • In the majority of cases, through changes in diet and exercise regimes, you can not get rid of puffy nipples.
  • Nevertheless, even if after waiting for a while you don’t observe any improvement, surgery may be needed for reducing the puffiness and getting the nipples back to their erstwhile state.

Causes of puffy nipples

  1. Hormonal imbalances

  • All of us have both the male and female sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen respectively but in different amounts.
  • Usually, men have higher testosterone levels.
  • But, when a man has an oestrogen level that’s higher than normal the issue may result in abnormal growth of his breast, a condition medically known as gynecomastia.
  • By and large, the swelling in the male breasts and nipples fade away once oestrogen returns to the normal level.
  1. Steroid use

  • Unrestrained, continuous use of anabolic steroids can result in the spiralling up of hormonal shifts.
  • As per research carried out of late, scientists took the case of two males who were used to regular consumption of anabolic steroids.
  • Asurgeon for gynecomastia treatment in Delhi revealed that both of them were found to experience the condition coupled with swelling around the nipples and adjoining tissues.

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  1. Certain exercises

  • Every so often, it’s been found that if a man runs or jogs for prolonged periods he develops inflamed nipples.
  • This is on account of the fact that repeated running can spark off friction between the skin on the nipple and the fabric of the clothing the man wears.
  • This type of abrasion is popularly referred to as a “jogger’s nipple”.
  1. Excess body fat

  • When you have a disproportionate amount of body fat, it may have an effect on the contours and appearance of your breast and its nipples.
  • On the off chance, a man develops excessive fatty tissue around the breasts it can have an impact in apparently making the nipples bigger than usual.
  • Moreover, men who suffer from obesity come down with hormonal imbalances as well.
  • Research conducted in the year 2017 found men with excess body fat having lower and higher levels of testosterone and oestrogen respectively.
  • Through an effective reduction in body fat, your fluctuating hormone levels return to normal and minimise the swelling in breasts and nipples.

When might surgery be required?

  • According to gynecomastia surgeons Delhi, you may need treatment for your breast condition through surgical intervention when dietary changes or adjustments in the exercise regime prove ineffective.
  • The various surgical procedures employed to treat and correct enlarged breasts or puffy nipples include the following.
  • Liposuction
    • It’s beneficial as it helps eliminate body fat by means of a cannula or a tiny tube connected to a high-pressure vacuum device.
  • Mastectomy
    • This procedure necessitates the removal of superfluous breast tissue or benign growths from inside the breast.
  • Tissue excision
    • In the course of this type of gynecomastia surgery in Delhi, the surgeon will take to taking out glandular breast tissue together with the excess skin.
    • Furthermore, the surgeon may contemplate reducing the nipple’s size for a more natural-looking appearance.
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