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Important Types of Gynecomastia Problem

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Gynecomastia is the condition of breast enlargement in men which is abnormal. The men with increased breasts have to face many embarrassing moments which will let their personality down in front of others. However, the Surgeon for Gynecomastia treatment in Delhi has said that this can be cured with minor surgery and nowadays it is a very common condition among adults. Man breast Surgery in Delhi is very common.

Gynecomastia can attack the breast in several ways. They can occur with fluffy nipples or round big breast or something else. There are various types of this and Gynecomastia surgeons in Delhi listed down some of the common Gynecomastia types in males.

They are:

• Puffy Nipples
• Round chest
• Slight breast roll
• Moderate Breast roll
• Excessive breast roll
• Breast roll and back roll

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Let’s know some deep things about all these classifications of Gynecomastia. Check out:

• Puffy Nipples: In the condition of puffy nipples, the patients don’t have to bother much because only nipples need treatment. The overall skins around the breast are tight and the surgery will be limited around the areola.
• Round chest: In round chest Gynecomastia condition, the skin is tight but in some conditions, the nipples are very low. The surgeons do the surgery to prevent the nipple from falling off the pectoral’s border. In this surgery process, a superior areola incision is required to cure the nipples and which is not a big or serious issue.
• Slight breast roll: This can be a condition of all men age groups. Unlike the above discussed both types, the slight breast roll is the condition in which the skin normally starts to lose. The skin elasticity is loosing and as a result, the muscle starts to allow the nipple to roll down. This type of condition is more noticeable when shoulders are hunched while sitting or wearing tight-fitting shirts.
• Moderate Breast roll: This is the condition one step forward of the slight breast roll condition of Gynecomastia. A normal surgery is needed to place the nipple on the exact position and tight up the loose skin of the breast.
• Excessive breast roll: This is the Gynecomastia condition in which the breast almost drops down and in some cases, the extra skin extends into the armpit. The surgery is done to remove the excess fatty tissues around the breast. The excess skin is gathered to up-down and side by side directions. The surgeons have to tighten the skin of both sides by removing excess fat.
• Breast Roll with Back Roll: When men ignore the above sign and symptoms of the Gynecomastia then they have to face the condition in which their breast roll down which extends up to their back and roll down. The major surgery is required to eliminate all the excess fat tissue extended all over the breast.

Final Words

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