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7 Important Questions on Gynecomastia Answered

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Hormonal imbalances in the body often lead to several conditions, which are undesirable and sometimes even embarrassing. Gynecomastia is one such. But there are several doubts and confusions surrounding the condition in the male community, some of which are answered in this article.

What exactly is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is breast hypertrophy in males – a condition in which they have unnaturally enlarged breast muscles. It can happen due to excessive fat deposition in and around the breast area, which is more of a pseudo-Gynecomastia, whereas in the real kind, the condition arises from anomalies in the glandular tissue. However, there is no need to worry, as this is nothing that the best Gynecomastia surgeons in Delhi cannot treat.

What causes Gynecomastia?

The most common and original cause behind Gynecomastia is an excessive amount of oestrogen or female hormone in the body. Oestrogen is present in the male body just as testosterone is present in the female body. But when the ratio gets disturbed and the amount of oestrogen crosses the standard level, the breast gland tissues tend to grow out and testosterone, being bested by its feminine counterpart, fails to perform its inhibitory effect.

What are its possible treatments?

There are different ways Gynecomastia can be treated. Some opt for the more rigorous way and hit the gym to get toned up. Some choose to take medicines and pills. However, Gynecomastia surgery in Delhi is the most easily attainable and successful method.

Man breast surgery in Delhi is a two-step procedure involving liposuction and gland incision. However, the surgery requires top-grade expertise and knowledge of the techniques, as well as pre-surgery and post-surgery consultations.

Who are eligible for the surgery?

Any person with an anatomically male body, who is above 18 and wishes to make this change to his body, is eligible and allowed to do so.

How to prepare for the Gynecomastia surgery?

The surgeon for Gynecomastia treatment in Delhi under whose supervision your treatment has been going on, will inform you about all the pre-surgery requirements. You are likely to be asked to avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs, supplements and avoid smoking and drinking as much as possible in the days leading up to the surgery. On a non-medical note, you will also have to arrange for the cost of Gynecomastia surgery in Delhi, which is quite reasonable in the capital city and yields good results.
Are there any risks to the surgery?

There are no risks as such to the surgery, but there are certain side effects – the swelling and the numbness will remain up to a week or two. The scars will take longer to heal. Other than that, it is a very safe procedure.

What will be the post-surgery situation?

After the surgery, the patient is provided with a pressure garment to help the body go back to shape and minimize swelling. Whether you will have to take medicines or not is up to your surgeon’s discretion. You have to be careful with your movements for up to a week and avoid driving, dancing or involving in heavy sports. Slowly the contour of the chest will become more prominent.

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