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How close are we to a permanent cure of baldness

How close are we to a permanent cure of baldness?

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Hair loss is a major issue in today’s era which is being faced by both males and females. Hair loss and baldness not only alter your looks, but it alters your overall personality by snatching away your self-esteem and abolition of your self-confidence. The people going through massive hair loss and baldness try to seek the best treatments to restore and revive the hair growth that once adorned them in their youth.

There are various treatments to the problem of hair loss, and focus on managing the hair loss, but is there any permanent cure that halts and reverses the miniaturization? Well, let us have a look:

  1. Drugs to treat hair loss

U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved only two drugs for the treatment of hair loss:

  • Minoxidil

Since the beginning, Minoxidil was actually being used to treat high blood pressure, but later researchers found that one of side effects of the drug was hair growth in specific unexpected areas. Hence, Minoxidil lotion had been started to be applied on the scalp that enhances increasing blood flow, thereby the hair follicles. However, it had been observed that its effects were not at all permanent.

  • Finasteride

Finasteride’s intake also produced certain side effects of hair growth when the drug was actually being used to treat enlarged prostate glands. However, this treatment also doesn’t on women, and hair loss continues if the drug dosage is stopped.

  1. Hair transplantation surgeries

Hair transplantation surgeries involve extracting and harvesting hair follicle units from the area where they are in abundance to the areas where they are less in number. Basically, at the end of the procedure, the person still has the same amount of hair which is distributed evenly around the scalp. Hair transplantation can be invasive and even expensive.

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  1. Low-level laser therapy

A newer technique of Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is basically a form of light and heat treatment in which epidermal stem cells are stimulated in the follicle and shifts the follicle back into the growth phase.

There are several discoveries that pave the way towards promising treatment of hair loss

With the advancements in technology and continuous researches, new promising and effective treatments of reversing baldness and preventing hair loss are being discovered.

  • JAK inhibitors

It has been discovered that the hair growth can be restored revived by restricting the Janus kinase (JAK) family of enzymes that are situated in the hair follicles. Tests with mouse and human hair follicles proved that applying JAK inhibitors can promote “rapid and robust hair growth.” JAK inhibitors are expected to have widespread utility across several forms of hair loss which are based on their mechanism of the action in both the hair follicles as well as the immune cells.

  • Stem cells

Researchers have recently developed a technique to generate new hair by using pluripotent stem cells. It is said that this method would provide an unlimited source of growth cells without being restricted to transplantation of the follicles from one part of the head to another.

The progress of medical science would definitely discover a permanent solution to the problem of hair loss and baldness soon enough.

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